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Monday Call 05.20.2013
Introductory Notes by Wynn Free
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Channeled by Terry Brown
Edited by Terry Brown and Dave Masty
Formatted and sent by Gary Brownlee


WynnThis is Wynn Free, Terry Brown, and a band of gypsies on our calls. Let’s see: Hello, gypsies. Are you there?


Voices:  Hello! Hello! Hello!


Wynn:  There they are!


Did I say the date? This is May 20, 2013. You know, Wanderers do tend to be gypsies. Let me just say that we are a gang of people who show up and we are on a learning curve; a very unusual learning curve. It doesn’t have to do with what you believe, it doesn’t even have to do with what you think, and it doesn’t have to do with having your mind know new principles or anything like that.


The learning curve is learning how ‘group energies’ work, that are based on free will with affinity to other group energies that are not in this realm. We’re all on this line; we’re listening with our ears and we are a group energy. Group energy in this realm is very common, although people may not call it that everyone experiences group energy.


When you come home to your family and you suddenly feel ‘you’re home’ and you feel that connection…  – this doesn’t work for everybody because not everybody had a great family or a great feeling of home, but those people that have had that understand what I’m talking about. A family is a group energy, it’s a group energy; two people got together and they had children; they dedicated a life to bringing new children into this world and creating an environment that they could flourish in; that’s a group energy.


Going to a movie where it’s particularly touching, or even when everyone’s emotions are together on the scary scenes, that’s a group energy. Some of you may have noticed that when you watch a movie in a movie theatre it is usually a much more intense experience than if you’re sitting and watching it on your computer, that’s because you’re participating in a group energy.


In fact, everything in this realm has got layers of group energy attached to it. For example, sometimes cities that are particularly picturesque, that are historic and where people have a lot of pride in their city, those cities have a group energy attached to them. When you go into that city, you feel all that; it feels pleasant. Whereas, you go to another area, where there is no energy like that, and it feels ‘cacophonic’ – cacophonic; I think that’s the word – it feels disoriented.


Most of the time, when group energies come together they come together for something in the physical. A family is a group energy that’s in the physical, it’s creating a home, it’s creating an environment for children, but it’s still a ‘physicalized’, group energy. A movie, obviously, is “Let’s watch this movie” and everyone is watching the same movie, which is physically projected onto a screen.


The difference in our group energy is that it is not connected, other than the fact that you have a telephone on your ear and that I have a voice, but it’s not me doing it. I’m talking but it’s not me, although it’s part of me, it’s a small part of me. You can show up and you can listen and you can feel things shift, but it’s not because you have a telephone on your ear; it’s not the telephone that’s shifting you; it’s not my voice that’s shifting you, but my voice creates a focal point. This is all stuff I’ve learned that I didn’t know four years ago, I didn’t know how this worked.


As I was having my experience with this intelligence that said it was the Elohim, I started to notice – and you guys can notice this, too, if you pay close attention – is…   …   … can you hear me?


So, regarding the workings of group energy, I was talking about how if I started talking about the Elohim the energy would suddenly shift. I said “Is that my imagination?”  I could feel the shift. It kept going on that way.


Of course, I couldn’t just start talking about them; that was too much. I had to talk about things that would hold the energy and keep people’s interest. Somehow, the conversation would drift to where I would share that, and as soon as I started sharing it, the energy shifted. If the person I was talking to was sensitive and I said “Did you notice that shift?” they would notice it. It was subtle, but it was distinctive and consistent. I got the idea that they [the Elohim and Ra] were looking over my shoulder and if I started talking about them that they would ‘flow into the space’. You see, I’m talking about them now and just by saying that, it starts to happen.


It was a grand experiment on my part to see how this works. Many of you who are on this line that keeping coming back have been part of the experiment. Notice that when you show up, every time you show up, there’s that shift. What some of you are noticing is a continuum: when you keep coming to these calls – we do it three times a week – when you keep immersing yourself in these materials, before you know it time starts moving at a different speed. Some of you have had that experience.


The way you perceive time is a key, because a lot of you are wondering “Am I getting there? Am I making progress?”  I know when people first look at this it is like “How does this work?”  You read about blinding flashes of light coming in for enlightened people. How do these Sources that say they created the Universe? How do you know you start to make a connection? You can’t trust the voice in your head; that’s what most people think; they say “Talk to me.”  But, you can’t trust that, because how do you know that voice is them? How do you know they are who they say they are? Oftentimes, it’s not; even when it says that, it’s not.


There is this’ time-shift’, where time starts moving faster. Some of you notice that you get on these calls and they’re an hour long, yet I get emails that it felt like ten minutes. Our Sunday call is two hours long and the energy can be really high and it doesn’t feel like two hours. To me the experience of time moving fast is one of those important indications that you are learning how to access other dimensions, because the part of you (the part of us that’s in those dimensions) is causing this experience of time moving fast.


Of course, if we hear their explanations for this, that there are multiple timelines stacked up on top of each other and we’re in the middle of them, we could say that the Elohim might be at the top of those timelines. In spirituality, people would talk about ‘the Eternal Now’ and I never quite understood what that meant; what is ‘the Eternal Now’? But now I get a glimmer of understanding it. It’s the place ‘where time stops’. All of creation expands from the place where time stops. Time is a part of creation, it doesn’t exist as an absolute; time is unfolding in all these different dimensions and timelines until it gets to us. We’re stuck in 3D.


What we’re learning how to do is to learn how to access higher timelines. If you become a student of this process, one thing to be aware of is that as you start to access higher timelines, as you start to experience time moving faster, it’s possible that you’re going to access timelines where there is something negative. There are negative things in other timelines. It’s kind of like you’re driving blind, because you can’t see it. You sense the expansion but you can’t see it.


That was happening to me and particularly to Daphne early-on in this experience. At one point, I had a session with Terry…  --actually, this came in a dream message at that time. “As you dedicate yourself to love, serve, and care, the negative goes away.”  You see, the negative can’t come in on love, loving service and caring; it’s a wall that keeps the negative at bay, because if you hold your ground it creates a barrier. They would have to come into those same qualities to get at you. So, when you deviate from those things is the point where the negative can access you.


What is a ‘deviation’? Being self-aggrandizing, thinking you’re better than other people, that you have awareness that other people don’t have; you start condescending. Then there’s jealousy, greed, all the lower aspects of human nature; they’re not that easy to get over. As you start expanding, it’s very important to be cognizant that if you are still involved with these qualities, it’s very possible to attract something negative into your space. It takes a lot of vigilance to be on this path: vigilance; paying attention. It also takes a certain amount of fearlessness, because it takes “I want this experience. I want to grow. I want to experience God. I want to experience higher energies.”  Then, be prepared to face what comes, because the part of you that has that experience will be different than the person that’s asking for the experience.


There is a lot of preparation that goes on. Just by creating that intention, you start a whole series of processes in your own consciousness and in your own field that is going to cause the release of old patterns. Of course, each person is different, so each person is going to have to deal with it in their own way; it’s not ‘one size fits all’. For most people, there is going to be some intense catalytic stuff.


That is good, because those are the things that clear your space as you release them. As you truly release them, they’re not there anymore; whether it’s trauma, whether it’s certain negative feelings. How do you deal with negative feelings? You observe them; you do not judge yourself. Let’s take, say, greed or jealousy; sometimes, these things come up. The worst thing you can do is say “Uh-oh; I’m bad, I’m being greedy, I’m being jealous, I’m being lustful, I’m being this or that.”  It doesn’t work to call yourself bad; that’s a self-judgment. You have to learn how to deal with these things when they come up.


The way I’ve learned to deal with them is to observe them and to put loving energy around them, and don’t act them out. In other words, you can experience it inside yourself. You say “There I am, I’m being jealous. My neighbor won the lottery and here I am, I can’t even bring food home.”  You say “Okay. I’m going to put that all in the Light.”  In your mind you can say “I’m glad my neighbor won the lottery” and you can move on. Even if it stays and stays, you just keep that attitude. If you do that long enough, you’ll take the power away from that particular attitude and it will not be prevalent and holding you back.


Each of us is in our process; each of us gets to watch ourselves. Notice if you’re experiencing time moving faster when you’re on these calls and then when you go back into your life it’s a big mess, then you come back on the call and time is moving faster again; if so, what you need to do is visit the ‘spirit channel’ often and listen to lots of these calls. There are huge amounts of keys and understandings about how to make this work for you.


Not only will you get the energy, but you’ll get the understanding of how to apply it so that you can change your life. One of the things that I have learned is this whole thing of group energy is the most powerful group energy. With positive intention connected to it is the most powerful transformative tool in the Universe, as far as I can tell. It’s probable that can be used by the negative as well.


The difference between the negative and the positive…  – this is in the Ra Material; it’s a very interesting idea: there are these two group souls (the Elohim group and the Ra group) and both of them are positive, both of them are available to assist us in their own ways; they have done so, particularly in our group; they’re very present. One of the interesting things in the Ra Material was that the negative works with same principles of group energy; they come together. What do you think a witches’ circle is, or a Satanic circle, or all the ways the rituals that are done by the negative? So, they’re working with group energy.


The thing about the Ra group and the Elohim group (the negative can’t hold a group energy at that high a level because they compete with each other) is that those groups are holding for (in our timeline) millions, billions, trillions of years. According to the Ra Material, they can hold like that because that’s the way they empower themselves to be effective in helping us. There are a lot of things that could be more fun: “let’s go have a vacation; let’s go do this.” I see myself, I see with Terry, I see with Gijs, I see with many of the people that are volunteering that there are always more fun things to do than sit around and do transcripts for hours, or coming to a radio show three times a week.


Yet, we are learning that ‘fun’ – it is fun, it can be fun – doesn’t last; it’s a distraction. You have fun and then you go back to your life and the fun is over. There’s nothing ‘forever’ about it; that’s no reason not to have fun. You can have fun. Just understand that holding the energy on these calls is beyond ‘fun’; it anchors yourself to a whole timeline that’s moving at a higher dimension that has more joy in it that changes the quality of your life from the top down, not from the bottom up of ‘having fun’.


We’ve ended up being committed to it; Terry is committed, many people are committed to it. The only reason that this is happening is because of all the people that have made commitments to hold the space. The people – Bogdan, Gary, Connie, Pauline – they’re all ordinary people but somehow they got it. They got the vision that this is bigger than having fun. 


Truthfully, once you start getting the way of it and you start holding the space for it, the old ways that you thought were fun become boring, okay? It doesn’t mean not to do them, but they’re less fun. So, these are things you have to discover for yourself. When you’re depressed and you want to go out and have fun, please do so. I’m not telling you not to have fun because you might need that to lift your depression.


But, as you start going onto the higher path, it becomes much less interesting.

Then, we want to commiserate – the people that come on the calls early – we have to watch it; I’ve been warning them. We don’t want new people to show up while Dwayne or someone else is telling a dirty joke. They’re coming on the calls early, and suddenly we’re having fun as humans because once you start holding this energy you can go back and have fun. Then you go back to holding the energy and you go back to have fun. It’s starts to be all the same; it starts to be kind of a flow.


Whether you know it or not, those of you that keep coming back, you ended up on a path because once you start experiencing these higher energy flows, the things you did before don’t hold the same interest any more. You want to just keep doing things that hold these kinds of energies. As you do that, we start to experience this new world that everyone talks about, but not in the future, in the now. You’re creating it in the now and you experience the love for other people, and the compassion for other people. It’s not because you’re trying to be good, but because you can’t help yourself.


All of those things are part of what keeps you in this higher flow, which keeps your timelines operating at a higher level, at a faster level. Time starts moving fast. When you establish that, when you really establish it, it’s like whatever happens in the world is ‘just another place’. It is happening of course, but if you compare how you used to relate to it to how you’re starting to relate to it now, it’s like you feel detached from it. You’re establishing yourself in a timeline that’s above the timeline of this planet. That is one way of looking at how evolution works. Many of you understand exactly what I’m saying, because you’ve been coming into these calls and you’re having that kind of experience.


Some of you who maybe don’t come into the calls that much and have just showed up tonight, maybe some of you are feeling the energy. If you do, please come back often, because it will start your own evolutionary path. All the people that have been on our calls that keep coming back have had – most of them –some kind of observation of shift in the way time moves. They are on their way.


In olden times, there was a word called ‘initiation’. There’s a book called ‘Initiation’ by Elizabeth Haisch. The idea (this is my way of describing it) is that someone would…  – even with an Indian guru who did initiations, if he was a real guru the idea of an initiation is that someone is able to hold a different timeline. They’re able by ‘osmosis’ to transfer this timeline to someone else so they can start holding it. Then, they become a spiritual group. This is the nature of evolution: learning how to access timelines and shift your experience to a higher timeline.


For one who has done a lot of spiritual study in this lifetime and reading etc., sometimes a book can trigger it. Sometimes a book can trigger it, sometimes a person can trigger it, and sometimes a great friendship can trigger it. Pay attention to what triggers these timelines to shift for you. What happens is that as you move into these different timelines, you actually start moving into the ‘creational aspect’ of reality rather than ‘physical’ reality, which is the by-product of the creational aspect.


In physical reality, things are tight; they’re stiff; they’re rigid; they don’t move. Minds that are stuck in the timelines of physical reality are stubborn. As you start moving into higher timelines, you start moving into creational realities. In the higher timelines, we can meet the energies of these intelligences that have been talking to us that explain themselves to be group souls; they exist in these higher timelines. Then we join together and we create an intention (and we’re in a creational reality place now) so our intention is manipulating creational reality so something can shift down here. And, it looks like a miracle; but it only looks like a miracle here. In the higher realms, it’s just the way it works: intention just manipulates and everything shifts. It’s like fluid. It’s like the difference between rock, water, steam. You know, rock doesn’t shift, water is fluid, steam is very fluid. It is a moving into the area where things are like steam and creating intents and forms so they can precipitate into the physical and create what looks like a miracle.


The common word for creating intentions into higher spaces and precipitating miracles is ‘prayer’; but prayer makes it sound like– I’m explaining what I think is the science behind how this works – nonetheless, prayer is the word to say “ask”. ‘Asking’ works better when you’ve moved into a higher timeline. Becoming sacred, becoming serious sometimes is required to have this movement; but not necessarily always.


Willow brought this up and one of the things I wanted to do is to ask our Sources some questions about this. In particular, I want to put in this into the Light this – what is it called? – it’s not a hurricane, it’s not a cyclone… ‘tornado’; the tornadoes that hit Oklahoma City that are still travelling. We want to ask to see if we can use our group energy to make any shift on that. We actually did this one time on a Sunday morning. It was kind of mind-blowing where I don’t want to say what it was, because I never know if we’re going to do it if anything is going to work. So we’ll just see…


Terry, are you there?


Terry:  Yes, I’m here. I’m here.


Wynn:  Is that okay with you if we do that?


Terry:  Alright.


Wynn:  Okay. Let’s all take a deep breath together and let out anything in your that’s stressful; that’s keeping you tight, tense, scared – whatever.


Father/Mother God, we ask for the presence of the Light to surround and protect each person here and any negativity be taken to the highest realms of Light and transmuted for the highest good of all concerned. We see ourselves in the flow of energy radiating from the center of the Universe, through the galaxies, through the Milky Way, through the Solar System, through the outer energy fields of Planet Earth, coming in through the top of our heads, through our bodies and into the center of the Earth. Right now we invoke a group energy connection while maintaining the sovereign integrity of our souls. We invite those Sources that are positive, service-to-others, honoring the Law of One to join with us. We create a protected space that only the Positive has access to. Anything not of that nature must leave now.


Do we have our Sources present with us for some questions?


Ra’An:  We greet you in the Love Light of the One Infinite Creator. This is Ra’An, the 20th of May, 2013. And we take a look and we see the circumstances of which you speak. And we see a large energy that is over a part of the area. And we send gentle calming.


Do you have questions?


Wynn:  Yes. I assume what you were just doing regarded the tornado we were talking about – yes?


Ra’An:  Yes; we do not wish to revisit this too much at this time as we are holding a calming. There are choppy energies.


Wynn:  Okay. We were talking about timelines and dimensions and the Universe as a hologram of expanding timelines terminating at what some spiritual people call ‘the Eternal Now’. Is that a valid way of understanding this from your point of view? Can you add any additional elucidation to help our understanding?


Ra’An:  There are – as you move into the higher realms – different classifications of time. In our realm there is not such a long period in a unit of time. Time goes fast, although it does not seem to us to be fast.


Wynn:  Excuse me; can Terry move the microphone a little closer to her mouth? Her voice is not loud today. Thank you.


Ra’An:  Give us a moment.


Time in our section of All That Is is very fast compared to your time, although it does not seem very fast to us. When we compare it to your time, your time takes a great deal of patience to wait out, as it takes all of the ingredients, all of the energies, all of the consciousnesses working together; and it takes it longer for everything to complete in your realm.


Therefore, there are different classifications of time, depending upon where you are. You ask about ‘the Eternal Now’. There is a place of stillness, of the fulcrum being balanced; the place where time stops and one moves out of the physical universe. And, there is total stillness there. And one can use this as a jumping-off place to move outside of time. And when you move outside of time, it is very non-linear; everything is happening at the same time – if we would use the word ‘time’.


We move a little bit further into All That Is, and there begins to be an organization of matter which then has a sense of time because of the matter cycles; the matter has a cycle of completion, of the spin of the orbits. And it lends it’s – you call it time – to the influences that come within that area, and it takes on an ambience of what it takes for the basic matrices to complete a unit of manifestation in the Earth realm. It is a very long time, as it seems to us, because there are many coincident consciousness confluent in the manifestation of something in your realm.


Wynn:  As we would look at different beings in different timelines is it comparable to say if a human is staying in one place, or if they’re in a car that’s speeding along, or if they’re in an airplane that’s speeding along, they always feel the same although they’re moving through space at different speeds.


Is that somewhat true for a consciousness that’s in a higher timeline, that they feel linearity within their own timeline that wouldn’t be so different to the linearity we feel, just as if a person is in a speeding plane, they feel the same. Does that make sense?


Ra’An:  That is correct. In our timeline, we do not feel that time is moving very rapidly until we look at your timeline. And then, we see great difference in the speed that things are happening. At first, in our first conversations, it took us great patience to wait for you to finish talking. In our timeline, however, we do not feel things are moving very rapidly, until we compare it to your timeline where we see great slowness.


Wynn:  The reverse would be true also: as a human is evolving – as I was describing it – they start accessing other timelines. And, while they’re in both timelines they can feel the difference. But, when they establish themselves in a new timeline, then they don’t necessarily even quite notice they’re in a new timeline because they’re in the ‘now’ of that timeline. Is that accurate?


Ra’An:  That is correct. So when you move into a new timeline – say into our timeline or even partially into our timeline – and then something goes on for say an hour of your time, the individual who is experiencing it in our timeline experiences getting way more done than an hour’s worth of work, and can say “Oh my gosh – two hours has gone by!  But it seems like only one.” And it is a very pleasant experience to be able to speed up your timeline.


Wynn:  Now, consciousnesses and beings in higher timelines can be aware of lower timelines; but it’s a greater challenge for a being in a slower timeline to access a higher timelines. Is that accurate?


Ra’An:  Yes; although when an individual gets proficient at it, then it is a pleasant experience and they can simply put their mind into a new ‘set-point’ and can then get a whole lot more done in a smaller amount of time.


They can then experience the higher timeline as a ‘normal’ thing. And then, when they move back into their timeline, it is like “Oh, my gosh!  Look at everything that we got done! It’s amazing!” They can’t believe that so much has gotten done in that they think that more time has gone by; but, it hasn’t.


Wynn:  Thank you. Am I also correct that when I say if a person is on an evolutionary path that bringing themselves into environments where time is moving faster is a way for them to train themselves to hold the space of that new timeline?

Ra’An:  Yes, it is; however, we honor your timeline and do not wish everybody to try to rush, as the taking of a moment of relaxation of the enjoyment of the moment is important. And one does not need to rush around.


Wynn:  Thank you. Is there a connection with the chakras, that each chakra might be connected to a certain timeline as well as having the qualities of that particular chakra?


Ra’An:  When an individual is able to experience the optimum spinning of their own chakras, then they are able to move as a whole more into a higher timeline. If one of the chakras is not working as well, it can disrupt their experience, as that one area of their life which is not just the spinning of a chakra but it is connected to a whole area of their life. Say the foundation chakra, at the root of the body is the connection with the ground, with the family, with home, and if that not working or if it is shut down then the individual does not have as rich an experience in moving into the other timelines as if all the chakras are moving together.


Wynn:  So if someone say, has their seventh chakra open, the crown chakra, and they don’t have their third chakra open, then they would find a certain kind of ‘dysfunctionality’ in the way it all comes together – yes?


Ra’An:  We see that it is complex in that there are certain areas that take gold to be able to develop their higher chakras and to be able to move into higher timelines, and then to leave their lower chakras behind, so to speak, and to connect easier in the upper chakras. There is a richer experience when one is able to experience all of their chakras being open.


Wynn:  Thank you. It’s just about time to end this call. And do you have any closing comments for us?


Ra’An:  These calls are very important, and we appreciate each and every person, and the ability to connect with each and every one of you. And it brings tears to our ‘energy eyes’ to make this connection. Thank you.


Wynn:  Thank you very much for being here and answering our questions.


I just wanted to mention to you all: many of you know that you become kind of connected to our work and it’s made a difference in your life. It’s been not easy to share that with other people for whom you wish it would make a difference. For the last two mailings I did, I mentioned that we have a hard copy of the “Creator Gods of the Physical Universe Want to talk to You.”  It could be a really good tool to share this work. I recommend that you get at least one of them, keep it and loan it to people and see how that works.


Remember for many of you, it was the reading of that book that triggered everything that followed; that made you interested. Sharing it with another person could make a huge difference for that person. You never know who is going to gravitate towards it. I know the book has been extremely effective in opening people up to possibilities that they never dreamed existed. If you look at today’s email, there’s a link to get it for $15.00. I’m just recommending that.


On that note, we’ll open the mics; there we go –. We’ll see you all next time.


Wynn and Terry:  Good night!

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